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Stars, Stripes and Sisterhood.

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Life can be tough,

but America's Bestie™ believes no ​woman should face it alone.

That's why she's cultivating a nationwide ​sisterhood of women united by humor, ​empathy, and inclusivity, ensuring that ​everyone has a bestie by her side.

America's Bestie™ is on a mission to ​become best friends with every ​woman in America.

The BESTIE day of your life awaits!

America's Ultimate Slumber Party Experience

Welcome to AMERICA'S BESTIE™ Ultimate ​Sleepover Experience!

We offer unique, women-only sleepover ​experiences where learning and fun merge ​seamlessly.

Join us for nights filled with diverse activities like ​cooking classes, art workshops, and financial ​literacy sessions.

These gatherings aren't just about having fun—​they're about empowering women through shared ​learning and memorable experiences. Discover ​new passions, make lasting friendships, and ​enjoy a safe, supportive environment.

Your journey of exploration and self-discovery ​starts with 'AMERICA'S BESTIE™.

Early Bird Registration: ​Feb 2nd, 2023

Deadline to Register:

July 28th, 2023

Sleepover Dates:

November 17-19, 2023

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Get ready to spill the ​tea, seek advice, and ​Ask America’s Bestie ​Anything!

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Feb 27th at 8pm EST
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